Sunday Planning

Updated: Apr 3

Planning your week on a Sunday is an easy way to ensure you get the most of your time and avoid mid-week overwhelm.

When you plan ahead, you realise not only can you schedule your to do list but you can make sure the most important things get done.

Sunday is the day that works best for me. I usually take sometime to sit down on a Sunday morning to review where I am and make plans for the coming week. By no means does everyone need to do this on a Sunday, any day will suffice but I find that for me Sundays work well as this is the day when I am most relaxed and have time to carry out the tasks needed for home such as the food shop, laundry and cleaning. It is also a good time for me to reset and prepare for the upcoming week.

So, where do you begin?

Gather everything you need together. As I work from home on a Friday, I usually have my “working files” at home. This is made up of 1) a ringbinder containing all my case plan and 2) an A-Z concertina file which acts as my in tray. Each client has a tab and behind each tab is any outstanding documents relating to a case which require action.

I then sit down and review my last week “Weekly Review” (template can be found under "Lawyer's Guides")). In the top, I write the names of all my cases. I then review case plans and outlook calendar to check for any upcoming deadlines for the month and add these to the deadline section so I am aware of any deadlines coming up which will need to take priority. I take a look at what I completed over the last week and transfer over any tasks not completed. I then review each case plan, each tab and my emails adding to the list of things to do over the next week.

Once all my tasks are listed, I then add the names of each case I plan to work on, on a set day. As I do this, I also change the names of the cases in the cases list at the top of the page from normal text to bold making sure that each file is considered and the relevant tasks carried out at least once a week. Some cases may only require 5 minutes attention to satisfy myself that there are no further actions for the week whilst others may require a few hours of time as the case is presently active. I find that this way of working puts my mind at ease knowing that all of my files are at least considered every week and that time is allocated appropriately to the cases that require my attention.

Once my work weekly review is complete, I can then move onto considering others areas in the other areas of my life. However, I will leave that for a separate post.

If you fancy carrying out your own weekly review but you are not sure where to start, the template I use can be found in the “Lawyer Guides” section of The Juggling Lawyer website.

Hope that helps.

Have a great week.

The Juggling Lawyer


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