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Updated: Apr 3

2019 is about self discovery and getting out of my comfort zone by trying new things.

I’ve have spent the last 10 years training one way and one way only.

Whilst undertaking the LPC, training and diet were the first things to fall apart. Having the motivation to train around everything else was non existent. I kept telling myself it’s ok when the LPC is finished I’ll suddenly regain all that motivation and get back in the gym..... it didn’t.

Having taken sometime to reflect I’ve realised it’s not exercise I have fallen out of love with but rather doing the same type of training all of the time.

Therefore this year, I have decided to mix things up; dropping weight sessions to 4 a week, removing any additional cardio, instead just using my daily steps as cardio and to also incorporate swimming, cycling and some classes into my weekly routine. So far I’m 6 days in and have fallen in love with exercise all over again. Turns out body jam is fun and body balance is tricky but great for the mind.

Whilst this is yet to be put to the real test of fitting this around work, I am determined to keep it up and feel it will help me achieve a greater balance allowing a couple more early mornings in the office rather than evenings and having some classes booked will encourage me to leave work on time.

Diet wise I’m returning to a more disciplined approach to macro tracking, meal prepping and recording everything in my fitness pal daily.

Have you lost motivation? Could you do something to switch it up?

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