If you do one thing today - take the #HeadRestTest for #InjuryPreventionDay18

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) are committed to campaigning to improve the law for injured people where it be making new proposals or challenging those which are likely to lead to unfairness and limit an injured person’s access to justice. In addition, they are also committed to raising awareness of preventative measures to try and limit the number of injuries arising in the first place. Part of this was to establish Injury Prevention Day. Today marks Injury Prevention Day 2018.

Whiplash continues to be a hot topic for the press and Government Debate. This is not so surprising when you take into account that half of all road traffic accidents result in a whiplash injury. However, some of these can potentially be avoided.


Head restraints, if position correctly can help limit the risk of sustaining neck and back injuries in road traffic collision.

The Problem?

If I was to ask to ask you when you last checked whether your head restraint was correctly positioned, would you be able to tell me? Would you be able to say hand on heart that you had ever checked this?

What measures can be taken?

Drivers and passengers can limit their risk of a whiplash injury should an accident occur by regularly checking the position of their head restraints to see whether they are correctly positioned. #HeadRestTest.

The test is simple, takes a matter of seconds and consists of the following:-

  1. Sit in your vehicle

  2. Check that the head restraint is close to the back of your head (touching if possible).

  3. Place your hand on the top of your head and measure this against the top of the head restraint (they should be aligned)

  4. If not in the correct position adjust accordingly.

DON’T FORGET: whiplash not only occurs to front seat occupants but also those in the rear seats. Of course, every person is different and therefore it is worth carry out a quick #HeadRestTest each time a new passenger travels within the vehicle.

I therefore challenge you to take part in the ‘#HeadRestTest today and post your pictures with the #IP18 as part of #InjuryPreventionDay2018.


2018 The Juggling Lawyer

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