Chicken, Beetroot and Squash Cous Cous

Servings – 2


· Giant Cous Cous

· 300g chicken

· 2 beetroot

· 100g butternut squash

· 1 Tesco vegetable stock pot

· Lemon juice

· 2 handfuls of spinach

· 20g feta cheese

Chuck it in and hope method:

1. Spray fry light into pan

2. Chop chicken and add to pan

3. Chop butternut squash and place in microwave for a few minutes until cooked

4. Once chicken is cooked add stock pot, a dash of lemon juice and butternut squash

5. Chop beetroot and add to pan

6. Add spinach

7. Mix in

8. Split into 2

9. Serve and top with 10g of feta cheese

Calories: 453, Protein: 46.2g, Carbs: 54.7g, Fat: 3.4g

#lunch #dinner


2018 The Juggling Lawyer

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