Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Updated: Apr 3


· 1 pot of vegetable stock

· 1 white onion

· Garlic paste

· 6 chestnut mushrooms

· 8 sundried tomatoes

· Thyme

· 2 handfuls of baby spinach

· Parmesan cheese

· 300g chicken

· 250g grams wholegrain microwave rice

Chuck it in and hope method

1. Spray fry light into pan

2. Chop and add chicken weight for chicken to cook through

3. Add pot of vegetable stock and mix in

4. Chop onion, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes

5. Add to pan and mix in

6. Place rice into microwave for two minutes

7. Once cooked add to pain and mix in

8. Split into two and serve

9. Top with a few parmesan shavings

Calories: 417; Protein 37.4g, Carbs 50g, Fat; 9.5g

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