Chicken and Aubergine Pasta Salad

Updated: Apr 3


· 1 aubergine

· 10 cherry tomatoes

· 300g cooked weight wholemeal pasta

· 50g rocket

· 50g spinach

· 40g reduced fat feta cheese

For the dressing

· Garlic paste

· Fresh parsley

· Lemon juice

Chuck it in a hope method

1. Spray wok pan with fry light

2. Chop chicken and add to pan

3. Chop aubergine and tomatoes

4. Wait 5 – 6 minutes for chicken to cook then add aubergine and tomatoes

5. In the meantime, weight out pasta and place into pan of boiling water

6. Once cooked drain pasta and then mix in with the chicken, aubergine and tomatoes

7. Mix in rocket and spinach

8. Serve and top with dressing

9. To make the dressing add a small amount of garlic pasta, 2 tablespoon of fresh parsley and lemon juice with eight teaspoons of water

Calories 451; Carbs 51g, Protein 45g, Fat 12g.

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