Ancient Egyptian Project Resources for Kids - KS2

As I write this, post we have been on UK lock-down with school closures due to the corona virus for 7 days. I am in the privileged position of being on maternity leave waiting for the arrival of bump number 1 which has provided me with an opportunity to spend quality time with my step-daughter coming up with projects for us to work on together which will also benefit her education and schooling.

On Monday she mentioned that she had been learning about the Egyptians at school and so I thought we could spend some of the day by carrying out some Egyptian based activities. However, little did I know that she would enjoy this so much that in fact it would occupy the whole day and leave some additional activities for her to do when she comes again on Friday.

All of idea ideas came from BBC bite-size. The website has a whole section on the Egyptians and includes cartoon videos to watch, quiz games, questions and answers and a number of activities which can be printed off. Here's the links to what we found:-

Reading and Videos


To complete all of these activities you will need to have to hand; a computer and printer, sheets of A4 card, colouring pencils, glue or pritt stick, yeast, flour, olive oil, wooden lolly pop sticks.

The heiroglyphs were probably my step-daughter's favourite part so much so that I ended up printing out a few copies of the alphabet to make up a number of encrypted words for her to decode including: farming, Cleopatra, Tutankhamun and Howard Carter and then asked to remind me how these fitted into the project.

Overall an extremely fun and busy day together.... I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

The Juggling Lawyer x


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