9 ways to level up your morning commute

Updated: Apr 3

Waste not your commute time....

Commuting is somewhat of a necessary evil. The average commute is now said to be 1 hour a day and 1 in 7 spend over 2 hours or more commuting a day. Rather than seeing this as wasted time, there a few things you can do to level up your commute and make the most of it. Here’s 9 ways you can maximise your commute time:-

1. Wake up earlier

This may sound counterproductive, after all who doesn’t want 5 more minutes laying in a cozy bed each morning? However, waking up a little earlier will provide you with some extra time to take it easy and relax rather than rushing to get out of the door.

2. Eat Breakfast

Eat a healthy breakfast to prepare you for your commute. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on your way to work, feeling hungry and unsure when you will get to where your going. This also increases the likelihood that you’ll grab the closest quick fix to eat when you finally arrive. Waking up a little earlier will also provide you with time to sit, relax enjoy your breakfast.

3. Exercise

Aim to workout in the morning if possible. Moving will help wake you up and leave you feeling more alert. Even a short walk in the morning is enough to make you feel more alert and ready for the day. If your commute involves catching the tube or a bus which you could quite easily walk why not walk it instead? If not, then consider getting off a couple of stops earlier and walking the rest of the day. Alternatively, use the time you have created in the morning by waking up early to go for a 15 minute walk before you leave.

4. Create a new playlist

Listening to a new playlist. Podcasts and radio chat shows are great. However, I personally find that they make me tired if I listen to them whilst sitting on the train which leaves me to feeling groggy. Can’t think what to add to you playlist? No problem, download Spotify which will identify and create playlists for you based on the music you have listened to.

5. Mindfulness

Use time spent on the train or walking to be mindful. In the last few years mindfulness has become a bit of a craze in ways to manage stress. Try downloading the calm app and listen to one during your commute (unless you are driving in which case avoid this). My favourite is their walking meditation which I listen to as I walk from the station to the office.

6. Learn something new

Use the time to read up on a topic you want to know more about. When I was studying, I used to spend many of my train journeys revising and taking notes and found that it really helped in finding the time to do it around my other commitments and work.

Podcasts are also great for learning. My favourite at present is Sam Brown’s Smart Twenties. Another option is to download non-fiction books from audible. I personally didn’t find this to be successful as I often found myself being distracted by other things that I didn’t take anything in. I am also a very visual person and therefore prefer to have the information in my hands.

7. Practice self care.

If you have a lengthy train commute use this time to do something for you. Read a book, write a journal, find a Netflix series to keep you company.

8. Get ahead

Use train time for reviewing and reading tasks so you can focus on the doing tasks when you get to the office. As a lawyer this can also provide much needed time to get ahead or catch up with your billable hours without needing to cut into your free time.

9. Try not to stress about delays which are out of your control

Accept that somethings are out of your control. However, leaving earlier to leave yourself with extra time can reduce stress as can avoiding busy times. I personally find waking up early to get a train well aside of rush hour helps. I then use the time before work to fit in a morning workout so I don’t need to worry about missing a session if I end up working late or talking myself out of it on the train home.

So there you have it 9 ways to level up your commute. How do you spend yours?

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