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Family time is important. It’s a time to connect with our children and partners together and create fun memories. When juggling family life around a busy career it can seem like there isn’t enough time to come up with a never ending list of things to do which are outside of the ordinary. Often it can be easier to stick with the usual last minute go to activities such as the cinema, going out for dinner and going to the park particularly when you are trying to also catch up with the weekly chores. Now there’s nothing to say that there is anything wrong with these things but sometimes you fancy doing something different. That’s where I have previously found it difficult to generate ideas.

Over the last year I decided to try something new. Instead of trying to come up with ideas from scratch, aimlessly trawling through google for “things to do with kids” I decided to plan ideas around A’s school topics. Having tried this for over a year, I have found it has provided an easy starting point not to mentioned it has provided us with an excuse to get out and try new things together as a family. Of course it has also had the added benefit of providing a fun way of supporting A’s learning as a family.

Over the next few posts, I will provide a list of the different things you can try with your children for certain projects but as a quick checklist, here are six ways you can come up with new things to do during your free time as a family:-

1. At the start of the school year or term, have a look at your child’s curriculum and see what topics they are covering during that period. For example; as in our case we had Knights and Castles, The Rainforest, The Great Fire of London and Space.

2. Use Google to search for activities based around each topic. For example for the Rainforest you might look up rainforest things to do with children.

3. Pintrest can also be a great resource for creative activities to do so again using Pintrest to search for “Rainforest Project with Kids” or “Rainforest Recipes” can also be useful.

4. Take a look at BBC bitesize. BBC bitesize has a wealth of learning activities around school based topics and can provide fun things to do at home together. You can search the relevant key stage to find modules suited to your child’s learning.

5. Think of other activities you usually to with your children and consider how you could add an element of their topic to the activity to change it slightly. For example look for recipes associated with their topic which you can cook together or you could create a game together which can be adapted for the particular topic.

6. Finally make time. When your life is busy you need busy plans. Schedule in family time like you would your work commitments. It may seem silly but seriously blocking out time to spend quality time with your family is probably the most important thing you could schedule. It means you have to fit every else around that commitment. Whether it be once a week, once a fortnight or once a month to do something out of the ordinary and uninterrupted as a family.

So there you have it, 6 tips for making the most of family time and creating fun/out of the ordinary things to do. Please feel free to comment with your own ideas...

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