2020 a new year, new chapter, new phase

Updated: Apr 3


So here’s to the start of another new year… a new chapter of which there are a new 365 pages to write.

Looking back over the last 10 years and my twenties it’s eye opening to consider what I have achieved. I continued to build some amazing friendships, overcame adversity by way of relationships and career choices, found Dan who I have now been with for 7 years, qualified as a chartered legal executive, qualified as a solicitor, found a job I love, competed as a bikini athlete placing 2nd with an invite to the British finals, saw some of my closest friends walk down the aisle, visited Paris, Rome, Dubrovnik, Munich, Kos and Rhodes, became a dog owner to the wonderful Enzo, prepared for my first trial, achieved settlement for some amazing clients, gave my first presentation of preparing for trial and published my first article just to name a few.

2020 marks a new phase of my life not only am I entering another decade as I turn 30, Dan and I will become parents together for the first time. As I write, I am now 26 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy for me so far has been somewhat of a love hate relationship. I love the fact that I am presently growing a tiny human in my belly but the journey has not always been blissful.

Initially the first few weeks seemed to be a breeze and I thought I had all this pregnancy malarkey down. I felt great, was still able to train regularly although I felt slightly more tired than usual. However, between 8 weeks and 18 weeks, I felt nausea most days and the thought of eating anything remotely healthy turned my stomach. Fast forward to the end of 18 weeks and I began looking like a zit zone particularly around my jaw line and chin…. I suppose that’s my comeuppance for making life through my teens virtually spot free. Following this came headaches and nosebleeds on an almost daily basis. However, now at almost 26 weeks I am feeling a lot better…. Although that may be due to the fact that I have had two weeks off over the Xmas period and so haven’t been working and travelling to London. Its also given me extra time to sleep which before is something I often side-lined.

Becoming a mother has always been something of a worry for me as I know once our little bundle of joy arrives…. Our lives will never be the same again. As an individual who has spent the last 10 years focusing on a career and having the time to focus on my own pursuits, I do worry about how a baby will fit into the mix and how I will be able to juggle my family, personal pursuits and professional life but that is something to worry about next year when I intend to make a full return to work after 13 months of maternity leave so in the meantime, I will focus on winding things down before April and then the new adventure of parenthood.

Whilst maternity leave is about spending time with our little one, I’m hoping it will also provide me with time to achieve new goals and develop other areas of interest with a view to living a full, meaningful and more balanced life. I may be underestimating the amount of time I will have on maternity leave as my goal list of 20 for 20 somehow became more like 50 for 20 but it’s worth a shot. One of those goals, amongst the many is to continue developing my writing skills through blogging whilst also providing an opportunity to document my own journey into parenthood and then back into the legal world of personal injury. Hopefully, I will be able to share some insights and helpful advice along the way….. watch this space.

The Juggling Lawyer x


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