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I'm Amey (aka The Juggling Lawyer).


I am a solicitor working in London/living in the sticks who specialises in complex and serious injury claims involving

polytrauma and brain injury along with representing family members who have lost loved ones as the result of an accident.  

I have several years' experience in personal injury law having worked within the industry since 2008. I qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in January 2015 before cross-qualifying as a Solicitor in 2018.  I also gained Senior Litigator accreditation through the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) in 2019.


Between 2008 and 2018, I spent time juggling a commute, legal career, studies and family life and led me to a new chapter of my life which involves a lot more free time for hobbies, experiences, family and friends whilst 2020  will see me enter motherhood for the first time and take on a whole new set of priorities to juggle.  This blog is part of that chapter.  A place for me to document my journey, thoughts, lessons and experiences some of which I hope you may find interesting or useful. 

So please do grab yourself some quiet time and make yourself at home around the blog and should you have any questions or suggestions, please do feel free to contact me.  


The Juggling Lawyer   x

About Me

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